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Zinio eMagazines: Tips & Tricks for using Zinio eMagazines

Magazines from the library to download and read on your mobile device!


Q: How do I change my Zinio's App default landing page when it opens?

A: With the Zinio App open

  1. Select Settings (looks like a gear in the lower right hand corner of the app)
  2. Under the Set My Home screen to select Read
  3. Select Submit

Read is where the Library eMagazines will land in the app.

Q: Are Magazines not downloading to the app in full?

A: In the Zinio App

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Wifi Auto-Download
  3. Select All
  4. Select Lock Screen ON

Make sure you download the entire magazine before you get on the plane!  When downloading you can either watch the upper left corner of the screen to see the percentage downloaded or if using an app touch the magazine near the bottom and thumb nails of the pagess appear. Scroll all the way to the end where you will see the last page and wait till you see the next to last page.

Q: Looking for magazines on an A-Z list?

A: Here's a tip:

Place your cursor in the Title search box. You should see an alphabetic list of titles after the first 17 titles which are the most circulated titles.
 We have a list of all our titles, grouped by type, on the "How to Use" tab above!.

Q: How can I delete a downloaded publication from my library or restore it after it's deleted?

A: To delete an issue from your library, tap "Edit" in the top toolbar of the Library view, then tap the "Remove" button. A small "X" will appear in the upper right corner of each publication. If you've already downloaded the publication to your iPad or tablet, you'll also see the file size represented in the center of the magazine cover. To delete the file and remove the cover thumbnail from your library, tap the "X" and confirm your choice to "Remove issue from device". The publication file will be deleted, and the cover thumbnail will be removed from your library. Tap the "Done" button to exit Edit view.

Q: Need to read a deleted issue again?

A:Tap "Edit" in the top toolbar, then tap the "Restore" button. You'll see the cover thumbnails for each deleted publication. To restore the thumbnail to your library, tap the "+" button that appears in the upper right corner of each publication. Confirm your choice to "Restore issue on device". Tap the "Done" button to exit Edit view. You'll see that the issue has reappeared in your library. Simply tap the cover of the publication to download and read it again!



Kindle HD/HDX users need to read the Zinio Magazine Getting Started Guide to learn how to download and install the Zinio app.