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Zinio eMagazines: Get Started - Creating Zinio Accounts

Magazines from the library to download and read on your mobile device!


Click on the lower right corner of the video where you see 4 arrows to enlarge it.


If you haven't used Zinio before or if you have a personal Zinio account but want to use the Library's access, you'll need to create an account that's tied to the Library.

Note: You MUST setup your account using a computer. Once your  account is setup you can then switch to a mobile device. Step 3 will show you how to install and setup a Zinio Reader App.

  1. Go to LVCCLD Zinio page by logging in with your Library card number and PIN to access the Library Collection of magazines.
  2. Click on the Create Account button in the upper right corner of the screen.
    NOTE: If you get a "Verification Error", STOP! It will take you in circles forever. Please send an email to Put "Zinio Verification Error" on the subject line. Include your full name, library card number, and the email address you'll be using for your login. We'll help you create your Library Zinio account. This is a known error, but it doesn't happen to everyone, and we don't know what triggers it.
  3. Enter in the information requested. Note: for users with a account already use the same email address and password so your purchased magazines appear with the Library's Magazines in your account.
  4. Next go to Step 2.

IMPORTANT: Always go to the Library's Zinio Collection using the link in the Quick Links box on the library's website at You will then be able to download the titles you have chosen when you open up the Zinio app. (If you just search for titles within the app itself you will not see the magazines that the library offers to you for free!)


Note: in the upper right corner you should see Welcome, First name.

If you do not see your first name, you are not yet loggedin, so click on Login.

  1. Select a magazine to checkout by clicking on the magazine cover, or click "Checkout Now" below the cover.
  2. Click "Checkout" (if you clicked on the cover) or "Start Reading", if you clicked "Checkout Now."

You can click on ‘Start Reading (PC/Mac Streaming)’ and the magazine will open on your computer. 

If you want to read on your mobile device, go to your Zinio app and sign in. 

See STEP 3 it will guide you how to install the app on your mobile device.


To enhance your magazine issue viewing experience. The free app is available for viewing magazines by downloading and reading offline

Login to the app with the email and password you created for a Library Zinio Account.

Once logged in you will your checked out magazines available for downloading. Make sure you fully download the magazine before turning off WiFi.

(Apps are for READING only meaning you will  need to return to the Zinio Library Collection to browse additional magazines and check out.)  

  1. For Mobile Device users - select the free app for your device and install it
  2. Open the app click Zinio button and login in using the SAME email and password you used to setup your Library Zinio account.
    NOTE: Kindle HD/HDX users: Refer to the Zinio Magazines Getting Started Guide below to learn how to install the app.
  3. After the app is installed and setup see Tips and Tricks tab above for other helpful settings for your Zinio reader.

Don't have a computer or portable device?  That's OK!  Zinio can be accessed on any Library computer!