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Arts - Visual: Periods and History of Art

Whether you're browsing for the sake of discovery or have a specific research goal, the Library's collection offers a rich variety of materials on the visual arts. Below you will also find links to local art resources and worthwhile web sites.

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Art Deco 

Art Deco Ornament
 Art Deco pulls together aspects of abstraction and cubism to create a deliberately modern style, which was originally called Jazz Modern. Its features include angular, geometrical patterns and bright colours, and the use of materials such as enamel, chrome, glass, and plastic.
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art nouveau example
 Art Nouveau is characterized   by organic, sinuous patterns and ornamentations based usually on twisting plant forms.
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Claude Monet Painting in His Garden at Argenteā€¦The Impressionists wanted to depict real life, to paint straight from nature, and to capture the changing effects of light.
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To veiw more periods of art as well as biographies of major artists visit Credo Reference Art Topic Pages. Each topic provides an overview as wll as magazine articles, websites, images and books for further reading.

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