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Science Projects: Getting Started!

Looking for help with your science project? The library has books, databases, and websites that will make your project a success! Get started with the resources below, then stop by your closest library for more books and ideas.

More help for your science experiments

Need to look for journal articles, magazines, or reference books?  

But don't know where to start?  Try EBSCO Delivery Service! EDS searches multiple databases, not just EBSCO products.


You have a science fair project due soon. How do you present your experiment and get the grade? Try some of these websites. From display to the scientific method, your project will be able to present itself!

Just for Parents

Resources for parents to help your child do a science fair project.

Help for Science Projects

Need help for a science project? Try these links for starters.


Great resource for Science Projects!

Science Online

Science in Context

Need some articles for Inventors or inventions?   Enter a search term and see what you can discover!


Research databases
Limit Your Results

More Projects

Project ideas for your science fair experiment.