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hoopla Movies, TV, Music, and eBooks: hoopla FAQs

What's all the hoopla? Stream free movies and TV shows to your PC, MAC or mobile device. Get the app and watch offline. All you need is your library card. ONLY AVAILABLE TO LVCCLD TAX DISTRICT RESIDENTS.

Q & A

How Can I sign up for hoopla?

  1. Go to: and click
    "Sign Up".
    (You'll need a valid LVCCLD Library card)
  2. Select Las Vegas-Clark County Library (you may need to use the "Choose a Library" box)
  3. Enter your Library card number
  4. Enter your eMail address (twice)
  5. Enter a password (twice)
    That's All!

Does the mobile app include the same content as hoopla on the PC?


Do I need to remember my PIN number?


I'm finished with my Hoopla loan. Can I return it early?


When I'm watching a video, the start / stop controls (aren't visible / are always there). How do I make them appear or disappear?

While you're watching a video, tap the center of your screen to make the controls appear or disappear. (On a computer, hover your mouse over the bottom of the screen.)

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use Hoopla?

YES, if you're hoopla-ing on your computer.

With the hoopla App, on your smartphone or tablet, you can hoopla offline, once the show downloads completely.

Are titles downloaded onto my device or computer?

Shows are not downloaded to your computer. You will need to be connected to the Internet while you enjoy the show.

Most titles are available for download, to enjoy offline, only if you're using the hoopla app for iOS and Android devices. (Kindle Fire app is coming soon)

Is what I watch private? 


Can I play Hoopla content on more than one device at a time?

No. But you can pause on one device, and pick up where you left off on another.

Are there ads while I enjoy content on hoopla?


Do I have to pay anything extra for using Hoopla?

No. Hoopla is a free library service.

 Who decided the 3 day checkout was enough?

Hoopla's content providers. (The folks who actually own the movies and shows.)

How often does Hoopla get new content?


How many items can I borrow?

Ten (10) movies per calendar month. That means you want to not select a title that look "kind of interesting." You want to select a title that looks REALLY interesting!
NOTE: hoopla uses Universal Time (6 hours ahead of PT) so if you are downloading movies on the last day of the month make sure it is before 4 p.m. PT otherwise the downloads will count towards next month's downloads.

Where can I find the Hoopla app?

Check the "Hoopla on a smartphone or tablet" tab. We have the links there.  You can also go directly to the Apple App Store (for iOS users) or Google Play Store (for Android). Search "hoopla digital" to find and download the app.

Does hoopla work on:

  • Kindle Fire
  • XBox 360,
  • PS3,
  • Roku or
  • Chromecast?

At this time, hoopla does not support these devices/platforms. hoopla is working on establishing compatibility with all devices.

Check back for updates.

11/26/2014 - hoopla app is now available for Kindle Fire HDX and above.  However, downloading of movies to the Kindle Fire HDX is currently not supported at this time.  Only streaming is allowed.

Do I need special software to use Hoopla?

For mobile devices, you will need to get the App.

On your computer, you will need Widevine, available at

For additional info about WIDEVINE, supported devices, supported browsers, password retrieval and to ask additional questions, please write to