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Natural Disasters: Overview

Natural disasters are sudden and extreme that cause hardships, loss of life and often require evacuation to safer ground. Find facts on natural disasters, tips on being prepared and updates on current weather conditions.

Science in Context

What determines the hurricane's path? How does a tornado spin? Use this resource to find the answers:

Learn About Weather

Use these links to help you and your family learn about the weather:

More Natural Disaster Information

These links can help to find out more about natural disasters in our past, learn more about today's disasters, understand what the disaster is, and how to use legal forms to protect you and your family:


Disaster Agency

Learn, prepare, and survive a natural disaster with information from these resources:

What's the Weather for your Trip?

Weather can be a problem when traveling. Learn about late flights, hear news regarding things in your community and the country, and track the natural disaster: