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How to Use The Library Databases: ReferenceUSA

Use these videos to learn how to use the library databases then use sample searches or tips sheets to reinforce your learning..

ReferenceUSA Youtube Channel



Jobs and Internships Module

See three quick and easy ways to use ReferenceUSA 's new Jobs & Internship module .. search by Keyword, Search for jobs in a Company and search by Job Title & Location.

ReferenceUSA Sample Searches

Introduction to ReferenceUSA

A brief Introduction to ReferenceUSA, including a few search demos - find a business headquarters, create and populate an area with business data and locate people who might be interested in your ComicCon.

Data Visualization

See how you can integrate your search results using Data Visualization tools from ReferenceUSA.. View data on Heat Maps, Pie Charts and Bar Graphs. Includes a brief FAQ.

Wild Card Search

Did you know that you can Search ReferenceUSA for someone using a WildCard! - well you can...and here's the NAME field start with as little as two characters and the wildcard (asterisk) ...

Business Searches

Video on how to find specific businesses and industries using Quick Search, Custom Search and Mapping functionality within ReferenceUSA.

U.S. Historical Businesses

Apply a different set of measurements to determine if ten cites are truly the fittest using U.S. Historical Businesses