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Careers & Job Hunting: Careers, Finding a Job & More

Looking for a job or a new career? These resources can help you find your dream job and help you get it!


Whenever you're looking for a new job, the resources at your library can help ease some of that job-hunting frustration. Library resources can help you

  • fine-tune your interview skills
  • update your resume
  • locate potential employers

The Library also offers :


Hidden Job Market

Job Posting and Job Search Strategies

Recommended Job Web sites


job hunting

eVerify provides Self Check which is a free online service that allows you to confirm your U.S. employment eligibility. Employers will use this when you apply for a job. By you checking the information they are going to see, you can correct misinformation before you apply. Learn more about this free service - SelfCheck brochure SG4 1-Final

Books available at your Library

More Job Hunting books at your library