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Antiques and Collectibles: Antiques

Wonder if the item is worth money? Want to help your kids get smart about collecting things? The Antique and Collectibles guide provides resources to research to selling your item and helping your kids get on the right track.



Think anything you own is worth money? Where can you find that information? Try the Antiques and Collectibles guide. You can find information in places around the world, in your library, and on the computer.


Here are suggestions for reading material:

Auction Research

Have an item that you don't know what it is? Do some research on it! Use the links to find out the background information on your item!

Auction Places

Looking to sell your antiques at auction?


For years, PBS has brodcasted the Antique Roadshow that features different items and their history.


Need to find out what your item is worth? Contact an appraiser.