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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May): Asian American and Pacific Islander Month

In May, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebrates the achievements and contributions of people of Asian American & Pacific Islander descent in the U.S.

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Asian Americans

Reference Entries
Asian Americans are those groups and individuals in North America ...who trace their ancestry back to Asia.
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"Asian Americans: An Overview" 
in Encyclopedia of American Studies
...Alterative forms of spirituality led a few non-Asian Americans to embrace the teachings of South Asian gurus or join religious groups.
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"South Asian Americans "
in Encyclopedia of American Studies


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American Pacific Isanders

Reference Entries
Pacific islanders now live in a complex mixture of old versus new...
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"Pacific Islanders – Past and Present "
in The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia with Atlas and Weather guide
In the East Pacific Rise, a submerged volcanic range parallels the South American coast.
Read more in:
in Scientific Exploration and Expeditions: From the Age of Discovery to the Twenty-First Century

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