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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May): Asian American and Pacific Islander Month

In May, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month celebrates the achievements and contributions of people of Asian American & Pacific Islander descent in the U.S.

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Asian Americans are those groups and individuals in North America (some prefer to expand the scope of the term to include all countries of the two... Americas) who trace their ancestry back to Asia. Asian Americans by this definition include all Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, East Indian, Pakistani
for alterative forms of spirituality led a few non-Asian Americans to embrace the teachings of South Asian gurus or join religious groups. Second... of living and employment equal to that of white Americans, the South Asian community has higher levels of unemployment and poverty than the general
, Asian Americans bring together previously isolated and ineffective struggles against the oppression of Asian communities into a coherent Pan-Asian... movement for social change. Films made by Asian Americans began in this spirit of community activism in the 1970s. Filmmaking emerged that both redressed
on December 7, 1941, dramatically impacted the fates of Asian Americans throughout the Pacific Region. On the mainland West Coast, Japanese Americans.... Executive Order 8802 (1941) illegalized racial discrimination in the defense industries, thus allowing Asian Americans (including women) opportunities to move
The intellectual and cultural history of Asian Americans has been dominated by Orientalism, a structure of ideas and representations that has defined..., Orientalism as a relationship of unequal power has structured the way that Asian Americans have struggled to live in the United States, marginalizing them and
Indigenous peoples of the American continent. North America Native North Americans are believed to be descended from Asian peoples who crossed via... Southwestern area; and the Mesoamerican area. See separate articles for individual tribes. South America Native South Americans derived from North American
, becoming the fastest-growing Asian American group (from 70 thousand in 1970 to 354 thousand in 1980 and to almost 800 thousand in 1990). South Korea and the... divides Korean Americans into three identities: first-generation, one-and-a-half-generation, and second-generation Korean Americans. A majority of first
Japanese Americans; the years following the war saw movements to end legal discrimination against Asian Americans, including the Japanese. But recognition of.... Takaki, Ronald. 1989. Strangers from a Different Shore: A History of Asian-Americans. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. Amanda Laugesen
Congress passed the Page Law, banning the entry of Asian contract laborers and women who were thought likely to become prostitutes. Because many Americans... Commons. Lee, Robert G., Orientals: Asian Americans in Popular Culture (Temple Univ. Press 1999). McClain, Charles J., In Search of Equality: The Chinese

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become minorities within larger nations. Pacific islands today Pacific islanders now live in a complex mixture of old versus new, of rural versus urban, of...[essay] Settling the islands Humans first settled the Pacific islands between 40,000 and 60,000 years ago. As glaciers expanded and contracted during
cause one to be pushed under the other. In the East Pacific Rise, a submerged volcanic range parallels the South American coast. This range runs... and the Galápagos. Geologic formation is ongoing in the Pacific Ocean. In the north-eastern ocean, the American Plate and the Pacific Plate continue to
, and U.S. fur interests at the end of the eighteenth century precipitated the radical transformation of the Pacific Northwest tribes. The American Robert... founded in 1953, to continually advance Native American projects throughout the region. Today these tribes still represent a vital component of the Pacific
, where Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders form the minority. Northern Marianas and Guam are somewhere in between, with nonindigenous people outnumbering... by speakers of Pacific pidgin, which was widely spoken in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries between European and American sea traders, who came
Civil War the United States quickly acquired holdings in the Pacific—Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and Palau. Americans engaged in most of the usual... phases of contact with the native Pacific Islanders: whaling, trading, establishing plantations, and sending missionaries. At first most of this activity
. Christchurch, NZ: University of Canterbury Press, 1989. Denoon, Donald, et al., eds. The Cambridge History of the Pacific Islanders. Cambridge: Cambridge...The inhabitants of the Pacific islands (ethnologically divided into Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia and known in the West historically as the
countries where significant migrant communities now reside. Pacific Islanders in Communications (PIC) is a non-profit organization based in Honolulu that... serves as a conduit for funds from the American Corporation for Public Broadcasting (PBS) to Pacific scriptwriters, film-makers, and producers. PIC's short
the Pacific basin several millennia ago. Writing by Pacific Islanders came as a result of contact with European voyagers and was connected with trade... in English by Pacific Islanders eventually appeared in the 1948 travelogue of Cook Islander Florence (“Johnny”) Fdsbie (dates n.a.) entitled Miss
) many writers had to survive in isolation without support from other writers. In the 1990s Pacific-focused writing groups emerged in Samoa, American Samoa...Poetry in English in the South Pacific ranges from functional oral ritual compositions to romantic confessions and self-expression, from religious

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