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Nevada History: Nevada History

Nevada history spans 12,000 years of Native Americans, Europeans, and the first settlement at Genoa. Learn about Nevada’s mining and gambling industries, the transition from U.S territory to statehood, and the people who shaped Nevada's history.

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Nevada 150 Years Sesquicentennial

Nevada - CultureGrams


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Nevada Digital Archives

nevada digital archives

Nevada Digital Collections Portal includes images as well as digitalized newspapers.

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Find encyclopedia articles, images and videos, and newspaper and magazine articles about Nevada. Try using keywords "Nevada", "Nevada Day", "Silver State", or whatever topic you're working on.  View of Virginia City, Nevada, from a Nearby Hillside

United States Geography

Visit ABC-Clio's US Geography, and find information you need about Nevada! Click the image below.

Mountain biker enjoys the terrain just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nevada Myths, Legends, and Stories

Nevada Historical Myths
Facing the truth about some of our best - but tallest - tales!
Did the original State Seal have a mistake?
Did Mark Twain have to flee Virginia City for his life?
Were there actually workers buried alive in Hoover Dam?

1866 State Seal

Find out the answers to these myths and more by clicking the link below.

Fast Facts and State Symbols

Fast Facts, and the Nevada State Symbols, courtesy of the Legislature of Nevada.

Desert Bighorn Sheep - Image credit: Betsy Husband

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